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Completing the work of celebrated filmmaker , Menelik Shabazz

Film director Menelik Shabazz (1955 – 2021) was a true pioneer in the British film industry, being one of the first black directors to make his mark in the mainstream with his film Burning an Illusion in 1981. He went on to make many more films, including the renowned The Story of Lover’s Rock. Menelik was a master of his craft and we feel truly privileged to have opportunity to complete The Spirits Return on his behalf.

Menelik Shabazz

We need your support to raise £80,000 to support the production costs of the film ‘The Spirits Return’. Funds raised will go to the production (crew, equipment, actors/talents, travel, transport, food) and post-production (editing, animation, music, sound mix) and various areas of promotion of the film.




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