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The Spirits Return unveils the mythical legend of Great Zimbabwe, a civilisation that flourished in its time between 11th-15th century, and like the pyramids of (Egypt) Kemet, its still shrouded in mystery.

‘Nubia’ a single woman in her mid 30’s travels in search of her ancestral roots and healing in Zimbabwe. While visiting old friends ‘Itai’ and ‘Blessing’, Nubia has a chance encounter with her ex boyfriend ‘Prosper’, who dumped her back in the UK. What does she do, does she ignore him or do they find a way?

Prosper a part-time tourist guide and Gold Minor takes Nubia to visit Great Zimbabwe, they both stand in ore of these great monuments created by African people, which still to this day remain a mystery. Fragments of ancient Zimbabwean traditions are still alive within the Shona people, but there are still unanswered questions, how were their descendants able to create buildings without mortar, what was its purpose and what led to their demise?

Whilst visiting these sacred lands, surrounded by giant stone structures and high-energy fields, Nubia begins to tap into the spirit world through mediation. This is where she encounters the ancestral guardians, who reveal new ancient knowledge and perspectives on the past, present and future. As the conversations with the ancestors become more frequent, Nubia’s spiritual path has been fully awakened and is now quested to share vital information with the lost people of the African Diaspora.

Nubia has now found her-self and new process of healing, but is tormented by a face-to-face conversation with Prospers wife. Shaken by this confrontation Nubia’s friendship and trust with her ex lover Prosper is on the rocks, as more truths are unveiled.

Still from filming of The Spirits Return
The spirits return

The Importance of This Story

Psychic/author/filmmaker Neferatiti Ife – The Ancestral Whisperer, is able to tap into ancestral memory to uncover lost secrets of ancient Kemet/Egypt as seen in her previous film ‘Pharaohs Unveiled’ in collaboration with film director Menelik Shabazz.

These conversations will astound and will give a voice to an untold chapter of African history and beyond. We are passionate to tell this story because so often African history is told by others who just scratch the surface of our culture. Whilst on the other hand our oral traditions are not enough to bring the depth of understanding needed about our past in today’s world. The recordings by Neferatiti, brings a new narrative and a voice to Africa before, enslavement.

The Spirits Return is not only a film that brings alive the past, it’s also about Zimbabwe present and future through the healing process of an intimate relationship between the modern day Woman and Man.

We all have ancestors, some of us know them and some of us don’t. This film is important because it gives a voice to an untold chapter of African history and brings alive the past in a new way. We are passionate about telling this story because African history is often told by others who just scratch the surface of our culture. The Spirits Return will astound and provide a new narrative that is needed in today’s world.

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